Stanford & Cognosys Alliance for Stanford University Centre

Stanford has been always been regarded as a great centre for excellence especially in field of computer engineering. Not only it has been alma mater of some of very brightest minds in IT industry but has been a breeding ground for many who have carved new paths in information Technology and engineering in general.

Stanford - Cognosys Joins Stanford University Centre

Cognosys team not only boasts of ex stanford students but cognosys dedication to invest in research and to be a part of forerunners in Computer industry has been outlined many a times. In continuance with Cognosys spirit to excel in every domain and hire only the best, Cognosys has joined Stanford University Professional Development Centre.

In addition to many other benefits, congosys relationship with Stanford shall help cognosys employees who are looking to do their graduation from stanford university,benefit from reduced tuition cost at Stanford. Not Only this membership with Stanford University Centre shall go a long way in keeping in touch with best practices in IT industry but with Cognosys Senior Team joining SEI at carengie Mellon, Cognosys has continued to prove to its present and prospective clients the desire to stay ahead of the curve in every field.With Product Innovation and Research forming the core of Cognosys Policies, Cognosys as a Global ISV and IT consulting company continues to strive ahead to meet its goals.