CogICE Storage Management Builds upon Glacier with inbuilt Indexing & cataloging

CogICE Storage Management Builds upon Glacier with inbuilt Indexing & cataloging

Clients across all verticals have data storage requirements which span across years of data which are archived for regulatory as well as analytics purposes. Some of this data may be only required once in a year or sometimes after couple of years for forensics purposes. However, cost of maintaining such large dataset is considerably high with multiple backups and disaster recovery solutions requirements.

Cognosys brings ultra-cheap low cost data storage solution, CogIce Storage Array to clients with enterprise grade capabilities like full text indexing, data cataloguing, one-click data restore and backup, policy based data expiration and auto archival from online storage media to offline media storage etc.

CogIce Storage Array facilitates fast data retrieval resulting in huge savings where cost of locating the correct data segment in petabytes of data adds much to the storage costs by providing advanced search and cataloguing features, giving the users advanced data visibility for data retrieval.

Storage archiving requirements being adhoc in nature results in heavily fragmented, under-utilized and over priced storage procurement by organizations. CogIce Storage based on Amazon’s Glacier offering takes archiving management to the next level by not only providing users with a Pay As You Go Model but providing granular control to the user with nearly unlimited scaling.

Data modelling based on metadata factoring and indexing gives analytic, insight into vast data stores where any particular data segment can be pinpointed from petabytes in matter of few clicks using minimalistic data retrieval algorithms.

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CogIce Storage is exponentially cheaper to any available Data Archive Management Solution with unbeatable Cost-To-Size ratio in addition to excellent policy based data management features

CogIce Storage delivers big on Big Data with focus on Ease of Use, allowing clients to focus on organizational business needs, resulting in huge savings in terms of the investment in manpower and investment on infrastructure required for maintaining large data archives.

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Cognosys with cloud products ranging from Cloud Director, Cloud Monitoring As a Service, Cloud Deployment As A Service is the only vendor to provide Multi-Cloud Vendor support with on-premise to cloud and intra-Cloud transitions using Drag and Drop technology and integration with open source technologies like MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, Neo4j, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, ActiveMQ, HaProxy, Nginx, etc

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