Cognosys Media Asset Managment offers YouTube like Live Video Streaming capablities with indepth Business Intelligence and Analytics using Azure Media Services

Cognosys Media Services provides media encoding and live video streaming services on cloud with in depth Business Intelligence and Analytics to media publishers, delivering perfect synergy between Media Cataloging and Media Viewing Ability with cloud power.
Cognosys media services solution,CogDAM, was born out of the need of Media management solutions targeted at organizations with minimal technical know-how of Media Encoding. Cognosys Digital Asset Management Provides Single Click Solution to convert media from Any video format to Any other video Format like MP4, H264,3GP,WMV,AVI etc. It also provides Single Point Live Streaming URLs which work across browsers and devices ranging from Windows, Apple Mac laptops to various Phones & tablets including Android, IPad, Iphone, Blackberry.
Media Cataloging and Publishing Interface Provides for Drag & Drop Upload of Media files including Pictures, audio, video from computer to remote servers with inbuilt Encodings and Push-To-Publish features.

Media Viewing Interface provides viewing Media gallery with different categories with provision for comments and Rating and also Graphical Statistics of Most Viewed, Best Rated, etc.
Most of the user generated video content is not in a compatible format to be played in all kinds of operating systems or on different mobile devices like iPad, android, Blackberry etc. Clients invariably have to convert them into multiple formats and this video format is normally downloaded instead of being streamed directly before it can be played in that particular device.

Cognosys Media Services allows clients to load and encode their videos in a format which allows them to stream the content without any kind of downloading and uses adaptive streaming capabilities offered by Azure media services. Whether you wish to host your public content to millions of users in a snap or you want to stream your private content to limited users, with Cognosys Media Services you are able to stream the content in a ziffy.

Cognosys Media Services is ideally suited for any Organization which has media content spanning over images or audio/ video and need a integrated solution for single Click Upload and Push-To -Publish their content over thousands of internal or external users based on permissions. With an end to end media catalogue which offers in depth analytics over who has viewed what as well as sharing comments over the video content, CogDAM is ideally suited for multiple verticals from advertising agencies to corporate houses.

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