Cognosys Redis as a Service

CogRedis, Redis as a Service is a part of Cognosys NoSQL on cloud offerings.
Cognosys CogRedis Solution, was born out of the need for NoSQL Redis based solutions for organizations looking for low latency, high performance Dataset operations.
CogRedis provides managed Redis servers with replication and auto switchover on failure ensuring high availability.
CogRedis uses sharding and distributed cloud storage with ability to scale infinitely, allowing datasets to grow without running out of space. CogRedis is designed with unique load balancing technique across multiple cloud network including Windows Azure & Amazon. Leveraging Cloud technology with Geo-replication CogRedis enables disaster recovery without downtime. CogRedis uses auto sharding and multi point replication to deliver high scalability and performance, giving you control over your datasets where you can choose settings like persistence & auto archival frequencies as per business needs.Clients can avail automatic backups along with high throughput and low latency as all Redis API calls and command are supported. Clients can focus on application development using CogRedis servers with ultra-fast Redis Server architecture.

High performance, Ultra Fast, Scalable, Affordable Redis on Cloud

Redis As A Service