Cognosys Cloud Director: Manage Multiple Cloud Vendors – Azure, Amazon and VMware

Cognosys Red Herring Asia 2012 Top 100 Finalist, Offers Inter Vendor Cloud Transitions and Single Click Deployments to Any Cloud Vendor of your choice. Clients with roadmap of months can look forward to deploying their on premise solutions to any cloud within Days if not hours. Cognosys has history of deploying most of enterprise on Premise Solutions to cloud within less than an hour using simple drag drop cloud director.
With Inbuilt Application packaging, Package Injection for you to modify on the fly assemblies change and automatic distributing it across multiple servers, Cognosys Cloud Director offers facility for you to not only use this as a deployment service but ability to manage complete cloud lifecycle from auto scaling, elastic dns, ready to use hundreads of Images to multiple cloud.
Cognosys is part of Previleged Azure Insider circle and offers deployment of MS as well as Non MS stacks to Azure without writing any piece of code or rearchitecting your existing solution doign a complete black box transfer.

Cloud Director Impact Areas

Cognosys Cloud Director Desktop Application and Cloud Management As A Service (CMAAS) offer Inter-Cloud Transitions with innovative Single Deployments to Multiple Cloud Vendors – Microsoft Azure , Amazon EC2 or Cloud Foundry.

Single Click Drag and Drop Deployment

You can Manage all your cloud application across multiple cloud vendors with easy access to auto scalability(saving lot of money by just deploying when you need based on current load experienced by your application) with complete Diagnostics and Monitoring Services from Cloud Director. Insights into your IIS error log, Windows error log or application errros can be seen from cloud director without any FTP or RDC to your server.

Switching Application Deployments between Cloud Vendors was never this easy.

Additionally Cloud Director’s Cloud Management As A Service (CMAAS) offer :

Auto Scaling based on Business Rules(Thousands of performance counters to choose)

Monitoring Services and Alerts( Email, SMS or just routine Notification)

Automatic Backups and Restores(Restore from your calendar)

Application Performance Tuning(Insights into performance)

Cloud Database Transitions(Queue GBs of Database for transition to Sql Azure)

Pre-Built Technology Stack Deployments(MS or Non MS Stacks)