CognoSys Algorithmic Trading Platform wins Hp Converged Infrastructure Insignia

CognoSys is now HP Alliance Partner with HP Converged Infrastructure.Thus adds yet another feather to its existing Cloud Ready solutions by certifying them with HP Converged Infrastructure.

HP Converged Infrastructure Alliance Partner Cognosys

HP Converged Infrastructure helps you overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives – creating the ideal foundation for an instant-on enterprise.


This is achieved through an architectural blueprint that eliminates silos and integrates technologies (e.g. servers, storage and network) into shared pools of interoperable resources all managed through a common management platform and all based on standards and customer choice.
One of our many Cloud Ready Solutions like TickNTick Trading Platform which is now a HP Converged Infrastructure certified solution, uses smart cache Objects and advances over accepted Industry protocols like FIX/FAST enabling a Low Latency High throughput trading System.

Its Rich Technical Analysis Language ensures A Much faster calculation of complex mathematical Models and supports Built-in ever-growing Library of 300+ indicators and 50+ trading system. Market Scanner calls recursively any number of Financial Models and update results directly on Mobile computing devices.

We also look forward to grow stronger with this Alliance by getting our other Cloud ready SaaS products HP Converged Infrastructure Compliant.