CognoSys Partners with Novell – Suse Enterprise Linux

Novell’s expertise in Linux kernels can not be downplayed even with major changes in the other Operating Systems worldwide.SUSE Enterprise Linux kernel especially with real time extensions have earned a name of their own in Linux deployments.

Novell Partner Cognosys India

Cognosys partnership with Novell is focused on tweaking the real time kernels further to be able to provide a much better throughput and lower latency than what has been achieved before.

Not only our application fabric is designed to be used in Microsoft windows environment but real time kernels of SUSE Enterprise Linux offers a more broader choice available to the client.

Cognosys with a array of products based in real time messaging middleware, Financial services sector, Urban city solutions, Telecommunications; leverages from its alliance with Novell on these fronts and endeavours to provide world class cutting edge solutions using the best of breed technology available in the market.

Suse Enterprise Linux has been acclaimed by many of our clients as preferred OS when using other open source products like Zimbra etc.Our tweaking of Suse Enterprise Linux to offer a much better performance and with Cognosys existing tie up with Mutiple hardware vendors Intel and virtualization partners like Vmware, We are in better position than anybody to be able to give you a end to end solution by sheer virtue of being experts and having direct OEM contracts in whatever product you wish to deploy.