Dynamic DNS Solution on Azure

Dynamic DNS

is technology where the DNS of a website or resource is changed to point to a resource at another location without disruption of service. This redirection is transparent to the user and happens almost instantaneously. Conceptually this process is similar to Load Balancing, the difference being that the resources are hosted at different locations. This is most effective when used in cloud environment where resources are located in different regions.

Latency Based DNS Redirection

Imagine a scenario where a popular website is receiving request from different parts of the world. In normal circumstances the site would be overwhelmed with request and stop responding altogether. The popular solution will be to have more servers so that the requests can be distributed between the servers through load balancing. This strategy is is usually limited a small office with local clientele and is fraught with risk. If the network suffers an outage or if the load balancer itself fails, the site will not be available any more. This will lead to loss of business and reputation. For a business with worldwide client presence, this will lead to huge delay in response. the users nearest to the location or with minimum hops will be served first while the others have to wait. Part of the solution to the problem is to have servers at various regions. The other part is to implement a Dynamic DNS solution from Cognosys.
This solution provides latency based redirection of traffic. That is, it determines which is the nearest location for replying the request and redirects the traffic there. All this happens within 1 second and the user is totally transparent to the happenings

Latency based DNS redirection

Latency based DNS redirection

Cognosys DNS Cluster Manager

If you have your database located at different geographic location, and one server fails maybe due to data center crash or the DNS server itself fails, a new server with a bew IP will take anything from 8 to 36 hours to propagate.
Cognosys DNS Cluster Manager can redirect traffic to the other server with 1 second.
This DNS / Domain Management Application has following features:


  • Custom application to manage DNS servers directly worldwide connected to our Low latency DNS API middleware
  • DNS queries are answered with low latency by using a global network of DNS servers. Queries to the domain are answered with the best possible performance by being automatically routed to the nearest DNS server.
  • Website DNS record management made easy with web portal interface easy to use than cumbersome domain panels. Use 1 Sec TTL to Manage A/CNAME/MX records


With Cognosys Dynamic DNS solution helps business function with:


  • No Down time. DNS propagates within 1 second
  • No DB Changes
  • No Application changes
  • No Infrastructure changes
  • Update from your own control panel


Please email sales@cogno-sys.com for more details.