File security on Azure through Rights Management

Protecting intellectual property and securing it against unwanted access and updates is a point of concern that has forced many businesses to adapt a no cloud policy. Rightly so, until now that is, securing content on the cloud was a complicated point to point affair between organisations. This approach lacked the flexibility that is essential in today’s business process where collaboration is at the heart of any activity.

Every organisation needs to share documents at some point or the other with people outside their organisation. A contract, a proposal, legal document, account statements are some of the examples. These documents are nowadays available to view and update on various devices such as PC, Tablets, mobile devices and on consumer storage services like SkyDrive or Dropbox. The documents are also moved or shared from one location to another. In these circumstances, protecting the document and controlling the access, wherever it is, has become utmost important.

Cognosys offers a solution to these security concerns by implementing Rights Management service to secure any type of files, anywhere and from anyone.

You can now move to Office 365, if you haven’t already, with the knowledge that your files are secure, irrespective of the devices and locations they may be accessed from. Our rights management enabled file security application utilises the power of Active directory on cloud to grant and control access on all types of documents on various devices and products such as Office 365, Exchange Online or SharePoint Online.

From creating the document, emailing it or uploading to shared drives or publishing to SharePoint, the document security is persisted throughout. You can allow or deny permission to print, modify, save, forward etc. to users based on their role. These permission can be time bound, for example a user gets permission to view a file for a day after which the permission expires. All the information is encrypted and only authorised users can access the information by decrypting it. Corporates are at liberty to decide where they want to save the information on premises or in a cloud-based storage or even a removable device. Using this application corporates can now safely engage in business-to-business collaboration without worrying of data theft, or compromising security and still save on cost. The application extends the protection to devices such as Windows Phone that sync with Services such as Exchange Online to create and view content.

Our Rights Management application integrates with SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and other Office 2010 and Office Professional Plus 2013 applications to provide rights management functionality across the Microsoft Office suite.

To conclude, our rights management enabled application is designed to protect your intellectual content round the clock and around the globe in a cost effective manner leaving you free to concentrate on other task in hand.

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