High Traffic Ecommerce Portal – Prevent Downtime – Auto Scalability – Reduce Server Load – Low Latency Cache Solution

Every ISV/ Developer is plagued with same problem when loading a web application. How to optimize my application. Will my application go down with high load? What are the IIS optimization required? Why is my website so slow? What kind of load my ecommerce platform going to handle? Why is my competitor website so fast? Why my server keeps throwing 503 errors? What should I do to improve my server response time?


You can’t know every trick in the book to improve performance of your server and you can’t test and optimize each line of your application code or rewrite them.

You need a solution and you need it NOW.

Cognosys brings a Plug and Play website accelerator which you can use to immediately see performance improvement in your website response. You must be thinking what are the changes required in my application to do so? NONE.

But if no changes are required then how are we able to improve your application performance. Well, we have the magic wand. And it’s FREE for you to cross check it within 10 mins. NO charges whatsoever.

Once you give the URL of the website, we shall replicate and replicate and replicate into N Servers, create a huge cache of your files and make your website fly. Max 30 mins flat. Normally its just 10 mins however, we do not want you to get super excited.

Just enter your site URL here and we shall WITHOUT touching your production site in anyway (except making single time request for its content once), create a complete replica of your site into our cache server and push it down multiple servers.
Now, try opening your site through link given by us. See the difference not Just feel it.

What happens if your site is down? No worries. We shall keep running your site even if your actual site is down serving content till your server admins shall work to get it fixed. No downtime. Of course nobody can make a purchase while the site is offline but yes the site shall be Live. No errors ever. Say goodbye to all 404 and 503 errors. Keep your site running live.
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