Hospital Management Software-Cheapest Cloud based Solution – Pay as You Go

Cognosys launches Cheapest Hospital managment system where there are NO upfront costs.You pay only per user per month which goes as low as 100 usd per month and can add advanced speciality modules without incurring cost of tens of thousands of dollars(adding a module can be as low as 20 usd per month).Scaling out at anytime as your business grows without cost fo maintaining software engineers and hardware fellows to managage your application or servers.

No Database backups needed. No Data Loss.

All of Your Data is backed up on Microsoft Azure and has a Financial Gurantee backed up By Microsoft itself.Surely it doesnt get better than that.

Add any Module- Blackberry support,Windows Outlook Integration, Multi Specialities from cardiology,Oncology,Obs/Gyn,Paedatrics,ortho or even ENT… choose what you need without paying huge amount. cost of adding a mdoules could be as low as 20 usd per month. think of adding same in your application???Operation_Booking_Hospital management System ERP