Hospital Management Software – Patient Records

Hospital Management Software Cog HMS by Cognosys technologies, winner of Red Herring top 100 Asia Awards is a very promising hospital management software, which includes everything related to patient management in hospitals. So you do not have to worry about tedious paperwork and unnecessary delays due to difficult to trace reports, lost old papers, and loss of time in manually running around for appointments.

Hospital Management Software

This image shows the home page with the numerous modules, which will put your management woes away. The modules are- • Patient management, • Nursing schedules, • Investigations (laboratory and radiology management software) scheduling and reporting, • Specialties reference, • Forms & reports, • Doctors’ console, • Nurses’ console, • Managers’ console, • Resources manager, • Pharmacy manager, • Canteen manager, & • Services Cog HMS hospital software includes features which make it compliant to most accreditation agencies like HIPAA, NABH. The laboratory information system and radiology information system includes tools for keeping a track of reference cases as also appointments, quality control, entry and printing of reports. Compliance with NABL and CAP is easy with Cog HMS. Operation theatres can be managed, booked and operation findings can be entered into the operation management module. The patient management console provides you tools to- • Register with unique patient identification & medico legal information, • Patients can be entered as inpatient or outpatient categories, • Monitor the inpatient stay of the patient, • Enter appointments, • Discharge summary, • Keep track of Paid Unpaid Bills.

Patient Management Module

The detailed examination module has provisions to upload images, videos and audio of patient examination. So, telemedicine is possible with the use of Cog HMS. The cloud storage of data on Azure allows doctors and consultants to view data online and offer their opinions on difficult cases. The patients get an advantage of getting opinion from very experienced consultants who are not physically available. The doctor consultation module in the patient management allows you to –

• Select investigations,                                                                                 
• Enter history and examination findings,
• Write and print prescriptions,
• Add remarks.

Doctor Consultation

The facility of patient dashboard is a one window view of the latest investigations, prescriptions, contact details, and bills related to the patient.

Patient Dashboard

The dashboard also displays the status of advised investigations, so you know when the report is going to be available and do not have to keep guessing and calling the lab. Laboratory software and Radiology software is interlinked and keeps you updated.

Patient Dashboard

Operations software module has – • Entry of surgeons, nurses, assistants, • Preoperative preparations, • Operative procedure and findings, • Post operative notes and investigations.

Operation Module

Operation related information is available at the click of the mouse. So, patient record management in the form of electronic medical records was never easier before Cog HMS. It is the best hospital/ clinic/ nursing/ laboratory/ radiology software at your disposal. What are you waiting for? Place your order/ to see demo-