StorOmni a Cloud Integrated Storage Solution to Securely integrate OnPremise Storage with Public Cloud Like Azure & AWS

Cognosys offers StorOmni, one stop solution for managing cloud and on-premise storage with Automated backup, Data deduplication and Policy Based Content Transfer with Integration to Active Directory & Shibboleth.

StorOmni launched by Cognosys provides an easy to use storage integration platform to get a consolidated management of different types of storage Including On Premise Storage and Public Cloud Storage like Azure and AWS. With ever expanding storage needs, every organization is faced with storage management and backup challenges. Legacy storage solutions cause high costs and infrastructure investments, and most organizations find it is difficult to track and manage cloud storage in tandem with storage management applications which are outdated for such hybrid environment. StorOmni solves multiple such problems giving security, automated backups and integration with all major public cloud storage vendors.

StorOmni provides traditional file-explorer style view even for cloud storage from providers like Azure and AWS for ease of use. Organizations with minimal technical know-how of cloud technologies and wanting to integrate cheap storage options on cloud can leverage StorOmni for their storage requirements. “StorOmni give you integrated framework to manage all kinds of storage at one place with Active Directory Based permissions,“ – Rajesh Sinha, PM Storage Solutions, Cognosys “We have especially focused on user experience being similar to the familiar hierarchical file explorer view even for flat Cloud Storages.”

It is necessary to have a consolidated view of storage specially in a distributed and Hybrid environment, since there is cost associated with any wasteful storage be it traditional or cloud storage. StorOmni provides Data De-duplication and Policy based archiving along with automated storage sync from end user machines to backup storage. StorOmni is ideally suited for organizations looking to reduce wasteful storage costs, backup solutions costs and maintain control over their storage investments by securely integrating their storage assets at one place.