Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – Remote Digital TMPS on Cloud

Cognosys Offers State of the art Digital monitoring of your complete fleet at the convenience of your fleet office. one of the main reasons for added expesnes for fleet owners has been improper usage of tyres which not only adds to additional fuel cost but pre matured damange and replacement of tyres.

Digital TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System brings centralized information available to you from all around the fleet at a extremely low cost and nearly no maintenance.State of the art Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) offers connectivity in multiple ways whether its through Push based Regular Data fed to your remote Dashboard or through Pull as per your request. Car or Truck Fleet owners do not need to spend on unncessary hardware to provide at each of the cars or trucks.

Security Surveillance – Home / Office / CargoCost savings from a TPMS pays off within a Month from just fuel expenses and multiple times over due to longevity of the Tyres life.

TPMS comes both as battery operated Digital units as well as RF based/Battery less units depending upon needs of the fleet owner.

We offer multiple addons with TPMS including Fuel Level measurement(To avoid Fuel pilferage by drivers) , Speed and Steering information Remote relay- Digital Dashboard( this helps to know at any point of time what is your vehicle doing without any knowledge to your drivers and also helps in case of any accidents).

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