Vehicle Monitoring System On Cloud – Remote Fuel & Steering Monitoring System

Cognosys Brings first of a Kind vehicle Monitoring system on the cloud without need of any expensive hardware or monitoring system. With Multiple benefits of Remote Monitoring systems, even the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised car manufacturers to use TPMS for all passenger cars from 1st September 2007. Despite such recommendations from various Authorities world over, still the penetration of such equipments in Global market is yet to be seen.

Cognosys offers Mutiple remote monitoring systems from Digital Dashboards(Snapshot of what your driver is seeing right at that moment in his truck including Steering position,Speedometer,Gears position , even clutch position which is one of main reasons for fuel consumption- you can see in complete driving how many % of time, the driver was having his foot on clutch to know driving pattern etc) To TMPS ( Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) which is available through cloud to you To Fuel tank Measurement( a sudden continued drop in fuel automatically triggers a special message to you- either tank is ruptured or your driver is stealing …).

Remote Monitoring helps you in being virtually with every car or truck of your fleet without being physically there. Do you want to stress out everyday wondering what your driver is doing or loosing sleep on expenses which keep piling on your business? Know what they are doing. what is happening and where its happening. Dont run after business. Trust your employees but not blindly.

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