Video Conferencing and Web Collaboration Suite

Every organization with distributed geographical presence, be it within a nation, a continent or across the globe, has an indispensable need to communicate and collaborate. Consider scenarios like company CEO addressing all the major stake holders and employees of new policies, new product launch, expansion plans or cost cutting measures. The fastest and the most cost effective way to do accomplish this is through a webcast. So, what about logistics? How will every one connect? Most collaborative solutions have limitation about how many uses are logged in concurrently. What about latency? No one likes to miss out important communications and speeches or miss the chance to listen to their CEO live. Video Conferencing suite from Cognosys provides and easy solution to this logistics nightmare. This Easy to Use browser based system allows unlimited users to login concurrently, and transmit data at very low latency. The secret is in the advanced cache video streaming technique developed by Cognosys. The video content reaches the recipient almost instantly. What’s more, participants can join in from their PC, laptops, tabs or even mobile phones. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.
For a large organization who has its R&D facilities, manufacturing plant, branch offices and administrative offices in different locations, all miles apart from each other, hosting a meeting of people from all locations with budget approvals planning and sales strategies is cost inducing and time consuming. Cognosys’s Video Conferencing suite allows all these people to sit at their desk and participate in the meetings. Participants can talk, see each other, share screens, share presentations and documents and share white boards to scribble diagrams and process flows, making communication effective and easy. The suite comes with a chat and sharing tools where one person can chat with all or selective group of people (selective chat) or with everybody in the meeting with the meeting administrator having controls of whom to grant these rights. If the organization runs a virtual office, this not only saves precious time (and money), but also reduces the carbon foot print one leaves behind with all the travelling.
Besides corporate world, Cognosys’s Audio-Video Web Collaboration Suite is also suitable for:
Education: – Where students can participate and interact with other schools miles apart in a two way communication forums. Distant education providers have already started using video teleconferencing to impart training to their students.
Healthcare: – Video Conferencing Suite can be of great help in Telemedicine and Telenursing in hospital chains. Special peripherals such as microscopes fitted with digital cameras, video endoscopes, medical ultrasound imaging devices, otoscopes, etc., can be used in conjunction with video conferencing equipment to transmit data about a patient. Recent developments in mobile collaboration on hand-held mobile devices have also extended video-conferencing capabilities to locations previously unreachable, such as a remote community, long-term care facility, or a patient’s home.
Media relations: – Any person or an organization can do a worldwide press conference with reports taking questions from their native countries. The entire event can also be broadcast on television through live streaming.
This solution comes with a moderator panel to control user logins, granting and revoking access to interact in a conference, mute users to block users from chatting, start and end sessions etc.
Cognosys offers this solution in two models, a cloud based pay as you go model where you pay for what you use and Dedicated Solution for organizations who host such sessions within their premises can deploy this solution as dedicated deployment on-premise or on own cloud infrastructure.
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